We have a specialized team to thoroughly investigate the structure of the company with which you are interested in doing business. We check from the organizational structure to the company’s production capacity. Additionally, we work with inspection of goods, ensuring that you will receive exactly what you have purchased.

Door to door operation

We offer the actual door to door operation. In this service, we organize the entire import and export logistical process, from pick-up at the supplier to delivery to the buyer. 

Check out some differentials:
– Pick-up at the foreign supplier;
– Previous document analysis;
– Transit to port or airport;
– Compliance with international legislation;
– Insurance;
– Storage;
– Customs clearance;
– Traffic on national soil;
– Delivery to the buyer.

Who we are

We are import and export specialists

Satori is established in the southern region of Brazil, in the state of Santa Catarina. We have qualified professionals to search the international market and find products within the quality and price that our customers are looking for. We also provide the opposite: we put your product on the global market route.