Satori Solutions

International Market Research

It is the right investment for those companies wishing to enter safely into the international market. With it, the customer get to know their prospective suppliers in depth, because as well as gaining the technical information of the products, we also get confirmation of the actual production capacity, if there is a program of quality and also the analysis of the production processes, before you order it.

Import - Tax Planning

Import - Tax Planning
  • Import on behalf of third parties;
  • Detailed spreadsheet indicating the estimated final cost of the product delivered in Brazil;
  • Full advisory Foreign Trade;
  • Quotes for freight and international insurance.

International Merchandising Fairs visits

International Merchandising Fairs visits

Unlike other companies, after the fairs, we scheduled technical and commercial visits to potential suppliers, in order to confirm operations, its facilities, production processes and final products.

This gathering of suppliers and customers, has resulted in great success, reducing the time of negotiation and increasing the level of trust between all parties.

We are specialized in the Canton fair in China. The most popular multi-sectorial fair of the current times.